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Car rental in Crete

Car rental in Crete

Everyone who has visited Crete knows that is a good choice to rent a car. The question is which company to choose.

You can be spoiled for choice to rent a car in Crete and with any budget. Prices vary depending on engine power, transmission type, trunk capacity and so on. However, the crucial bit is the insurance. Driving through a foreign country, all you need is a proper insurance that will not ruin your holiday.

"The New Crete" provides all cars with full insurance. We offer both manual and automatic transmission cars. (tip: We advise you to book cars with automatic transmission beforehand as availability is limited).

TheNewCrete provides European cars of all types: cabrios, sedans, hatchbacks, minivans and minibuses. You can choose a car similar to the one that you drive at home.

Why you choose us "The New Crete" for car rental crete:

1. We are working in Greece more than 9 years and are pleased to provide our experience and quality car rental services for you. Car rental in Crete is an absolutely safe and convenient way of travelling around the island and viewing our sights. Remove the car in Crete is very simple, you just need to leave the application - everything else will make our specialists.

2. We have been working long and hard, our image is very important for us. Our insurance conditions are fair. When booking a car you will receive a copy of the example of insurance in electronic form immediately and you can actually make sure that our customers do not incur any additional costs in the event of an unpleasant situation. Thenewautotour is a service on the road 24 hours a day, you can simply call the Greek representation and in a short time and a new car will be delivered, we deal all the problems with the police and with other participants of an unpleasant situation. You can continue your journey immediately.

3. Our pricing policy is the most loyal to the client. We do not charge extra fees for an additional driver, when ordering a car you just call his name and driver's ID. As a gift for our cooperation we offer child seat absolutely free - you just need to specify the weight of your child and we do all the rest – provide and install a car seat. You can download our app thenewcrete in appstore which has a description of all attractions of Crete. Its interactive guide will tell you about the sights and landscapes, monuments of a World Heritage, which are diversed in our beautiful island!